Hacktivism: The Unlocking Ideas Hackathon in pictures

From Saturday 6th June – Sunday 7th June Unlocking Ideas hosted Hacktivism: The Unlocking Ideas Hackathon at Islington Mill in Salford.

Campaigners, artists and techies came along to hack the next generation of protest tools. This post tracks the event through photographs taken along the way. For more information about the hacks produced head over to our post Hacktivism: Digital Tools for a Physical Campaign

At 10am members of the Unlocking Ideas team and the event WiFi sponsors Get-Me-Connected descended on Islington Mill to get it set up for a day of hacking.

There was WiFi,




And, importantly, food and drink.


Doors opened at 1pm and after a brief introduction explaining the idea behind the Hackathon and giving a flavour of the collections of the People’s History Museum and Working Class Movement Library, the teams grouped off and started to work up ideas.

To illustrate, here’s some nice pictures of people hacking dilligently;




Some groups stayed until the very late hours:


But eventually it was time to bed down for the night in the crash space, and snooze until morning.

The next day, to get off to a good start we put out breakfast for everyone. However, the dinner from the night before (Lentil Dahl and Sweet Chilli Potato with rice, salad and riata catered by Food by Kim) was so tasty most people opted to have seconds of that instead!



There was then just enough time for some last minute tweaks


And then time for the presentations!

Hands Up! is an app aimed at helping people interested in a particular issue to link up with others also interested in that issue with a focus on combating ‘clicktivism’ by creating small, active groups in which each person has a clear role.


Members’ of the Exhibition Centre for Life and Use of Books came up with an idea for software which collates comments linked to various online articles and collates them into dialogue to create an agitprop play.


And last but not least, From Fragmentation to Organisation is a set of criteria which any activist social media platform needs to meet in order to be effective and successful in helping activists organise.


As mentioned, a more detailed look at all of these designs can be found in our blog post Hacktivism: Digital Tools for a Physical Campaign .

After the presentations there was time for some Q&A before everyone left for a much deserved rest.




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