QR The Clarion

When Robert Blatchford began The Clarion he set out to encourage a socialist readership and a socialist way of life and off-shoot entertainment and activities soon appeared. These included the cycling clubs which began in 1894. By early 1897 70 clubs were active.

One of these clubs was the Bolton Clarion Cycling Club, whose scrapbooks spanning from 1898 into the 1980’s are in the collection of the Working Class Movement Library. Here, you can browse just a few of their photographs.

Click on the slideshow to turn the pages of the Bolton Clarion Scrapbook c.1898 – 1980.


The Clarion Cafe also opened its doors on Manchester’s Market Street in 1908 and lasted until about the 1930’s. Chairs from this cafe now reside at the Working Class Movement Library.

Click on the slideshow to see the Working Class Movement Library reading room set up to mirror the Clarion café, complete with Clarion chairs and Clarion newspapers.

So come along to the Working Class Movement Library and browse the Bolton Clarion scrapbooks and Clarion newspapers, read books by Clarion founder Robert Blatchford (some written in his pen name Nunquam) and peruse a wealth of other Clarion-related books and bits.  All from the comfort of an original Market Street café chair!


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